Scardy cat.

So, I was so busy doing my sisters assignment.. my boyfriend and I were texting until I wasn’t able to reply because Im busy doing my sister’s assignment! so yeah one of his texts was "kabalo ka baby? talaka kay mama ah!" then I replied "ngaa?" and he replied that theres a frog who went inside their house and he’s holding aki (cat) bc aki was making fun of the frog. so he’s mother gave him the frog w/c he is scared of it. I was like “OMGADDD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he’s scared of frogs?!!!! 1year na kami bago lang ko kabalo nahadlok sa sa paka!” hahahahahahaha hayy John Roem Delos Reyes!

Things I wanna do when I do have a work. :)

Okaay, it’s been 4 months since i graduated and still don’t have a work. so yeahh it’s boring staying at home all day long. I will do my best to achieve my dreams my plans and wahtever it is,! :)

Go shoppingHave an Adventure w my love ones

Treat my family

Treat my BFF’s

Treat PPG <3

Treat my Guykada’s

Treat my Friends in STI :)

Buy a new phone. mwehe

Go to College again. :D

Manage my own business

Save for my future

Perks of being an Unemployed

surf the net, eat, sleep, surf the net eat, sleep.

It might happen again.